Specialized Vacuum Cleaning

We guarantee a deep cleaning on any surface that needs a vacuum cleaner, we have excellent professional equipment and sophisticated equipment for your business, home or office.

We take care of foot traffic, coffee stains and other spills, we are fully prepared to help you eliminate these odors and allergens so that these surfaces like carpets look like new.

As for rugs, we take care of personalized care taking into account the type of rug, the fiber material, the age and the level of dirt.

Our process in cases of deep extraction is done with hot water that penetrates the fibers of your carpet, the pre-treatment of the entire carpet, the removal of stains and stains, the extraction and the complete drying.

Daily spills and foot traffic are a given for any business. At Cleandreams FL we stay up to date to keep your carpets and surfaces clean.

The Most Advanced Specialized Vacuum Cleaning

Advanced equipment for a deep and sanitized cleanWe handle a specialized vacuum cleaning process, adapted to each space and surfaceContact Now

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Specialized Vacuum Cleaning

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